Hello, Real Life

I try not to stress about things…but it never works. The past few weeks have been just chock full of exciting developments in my life. But I’m always stressing about them!!! I need to just chill out!! :)

The big development is…….we are buying a condo!!!! John, Julia, and I are going to have our OWN place with our OWN furniture, paying our OWN bills (…not that exciting but hey…) and doing everything for ourselves. I’m beyond pumped about our new place and can’t wait to move in!!! June 1st is the tentative date and I couldn’t be more excited!

Julia’s room is pink already…what a huge plus for her! She is planning out her entire room and has decided she wants purple flowers on the walls. GOOD CHOICE! We have an amazing kitchen, these really awesome stone flowers in our hallway, a huge bathroom with a massive tub, and great light in all the rooms. I could just die!

But buying a house comes with a lot of stresses and concerns and a WHOLE LOT of paperwork to fill out. Tonight John and I are going to be signing about a hundred pieces of paper…so exciting.

but SO worth it. I can’t wait!

## days til graduation…what happens next?

As of today, there are 83 days left until I graduate from Endicott. It’s starting to become surreal for me. I’m not sure whether to laugh, cry, jump, or sit in shock because the last 4 years of my life (some of the most important years yet) will soon be coming to an end. A new chapter in life will be opening up for Julia and I and I’m not really sure what is ahead or is to be expected. But I think that is okay.

I usually am the one who wants needs to have a plan. For everything. I’ve never been on for the spontaneity. But I’ve been trying to break away from my obsession with planning and try to go with the flow more.I’ll let you know how that works out :-/

As of right now, I know where Julia and I are going to live after graduation. I’ve got that part completely figured out. *PHEW* I know that the accounting firm I’ve been interning at for over a year now wants to keep me on as an employee after graduation. I know that I’ve been accepted to my first choice for graduate school, UConn, for their MSA online program. I’ll start taking classes in the summer.

What I don’t know is: what is Julia going to do in the summer if I am working? What if I could stay home during this first summer after college? What is going to happen with John’s job opportunities with the government? If we have to move, where will it be? Where will Julia go to school in the fall? (She’ll be starting kindergarten! EEK!!!) Will everything work out if I’m taking classes and working at the same time? Will I be stressed and pushed beyond my limits by that?

There are so many other things swirling through my mind at all times as well. But all I want to do is make a crazy, fun, incredible life for my Julia. All I can do is take it day by day, hope for the best, and put my faith in the man upstairs.

Snow Day

The weather in Massachusetts has been especially cold and snowy this year! I think everyone up here can agree that the snow has worn out its welcome. It has no where to go! There are piles and piles and piles of snow all over the place and it is going to be quite interesting (and disgusting) when it all melts.

Needless to say, today is yet another snow day. I’m not sure of the amount of snowfall so far because I’m tucked up snugly in my pajamas watching Alice in Wonderland and eating breakfast. But hopefully later today the snow will stop and Julia and I will be able to go play outside! She was hoping and praying for a snow day today. And, she didn’t even know what a snow day was! When I picked her up from school yesterday she ran up and said “Mom! I have to wear my pajamas inside out tonight because if everyone does we will have a snow day tomorrow!”

^^^what wishful thinking…apparently one of her teachers told everyone that. Fortunately for her, Endicott canceled school today so I decided to keep her at home with me. She came in to snuggle with me this morning and asked about the snow day. I told her how she’d get to stay home with me and she was ecstatic. Then a few minutes later she said, “I really don’t like snow days.” !!!!!! huh??? I explained to her that a snow day meant that the roads were too slippery and dangerous for people to get to school so school was cancelled. She changed her tune real quick!

Speaking of staying home from school, Julia was out of school for 2 weeks! The poor little girl was so sick and had strep throat (we found out 3 days later) for the first week and then we went to VA to visit my grandparents (her great-grandparents) the next week. My entire winter break was 5 weeks long. 3 of those weeks I didn’t work, studied for the GMATs, took the GMATs, and went to VA. I was ready to go back to work/school on Monday!

We also went sledding this past weekend. It was awesomely fun and I just have to share the video of Julia sliding down!

Random Thoughts

— Christmas was pretty great. Julia was excited the whole day and loved all her presents. I can’t wait to spend the rest of my holidays with John. He is the greatest thing to ever happen to Julia and I.

— Jess and Kyle’s wedding was AMAZING. The decor and colors were beautiful, she looked gorgeous (and so did her dress!!!), there was an open bar (woo), and we had a great table of people to be with.

— Happy New Years everyone! Its 2011!!! I have a feeling this year will bring a lot of changes and exciting new things to Julia and my lives.

— Julia’s birthday is coming up in March. I’m thinking Barbie party!! Maybe 1 or 2 of her little friends and I’m totally making the Barbie dress birthday cake. Amy from MomAdvice has the easiest recipe!!! I can’t wait to try it out.

–Last night, I went out with Alicia, one of my best friends from high school. I have missed her so much and I really hope we can get together more often instead of just one or two times a year!

— Julia is really growing into her own personality. Well, she’s definitely always had her own unique self, but its been so fun and amazing to see her growing. A few days ago, Laura asked Julia how to say hello in Spanish. She proceeded to stuff a bite of food in her mouth and say “I’m eating!” just because she didn’t remember. She has gotten very into Candyland the past few days and we’ve been playing a lot. I love singing with her in the car. It makes me so happy that we share the love of music and singing.

— I dropped John’s Xbox on my foot yesterday. It hurt. A LOT. It bled also. Now its really swollen and I can’t wear shoes because if anything touches the top of my foot it hurts. :( *sniffles*

— I didn’t buy a Mega Millions ticket. I didn’t know anything about it…What if I missed out on $290 million?

That’s all Folks!

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Santa! I Know Him!

Ahh Christmas. That wonderful time of the year when families get together, decorations and lights go up, and the shopping craze commences! Like many people, Christmas is my favorite holiday because of all the music, lights, laughter, and cookies! I’ve always loved looking at the Christmas lights while driving along, but it warms my heart even more to hear Julia in the backseat saying, “Mom! Do you see those ones! Those are my favorites!” And checking out all the lights right along with me.

I enjoy decorating for the holidays, but living in a dorm style apartment doesn’t leave me much options! Technically, we aren’t supposed to have string lights, but I break that rule every year for Christmas! Our tree is quite mini, only 4 feet tall, and being a young family, we don’t have many personal oraments. But we still love decorating that tree! Last night, Julia helped me by putting hooks on the ornaments and decorating the lower area of the tree.

I was also able to make a Christmas wreath this year! I found the instructions for this wreath here through The Motherload blog. I loved how the ornaments and yarn were so different and played off each other quite well. My end result was great for the front door combined with mini stockings with all of our names.

I can’t wait to make some christmas cookies with Julia this year. I have a feeling I’m going to go all out! I will always remember spending so much time in my Grandmother’s kitchen making every kind of cookie I could think of! Molasses, peanut butter with kisses, peppermint balls, sugar cookies decorated with frosting and sprinkles, and especially the bark cookies. I loved them all. When Julia goes to visit her Grandmother, they spend time making cookies as well and I can’t wait to share that same baking love with her.

I’m so blessed to have such amazing people in my life. John and Julia especially. This Christmas, my goal is to let people know just how much they mean to me. It’s sometimes hard to do, but its something that will “fill people’s buckets” as Julia would say. So, thanks to everyone who has stuck by me through thick and thin. Thanks to the people who put up with my silliness and emotions. Thanks to the people who love me and love Julia. We both love you all and wish you a Very, Merry, Christmas.


Was cold. Yes, I said it. The days of trick or treating being fun for me are OVER. It was absolutely freezing outside and everyone was so bundled up you couldn’t even see costumes! But, Julia still looked adorable as Aquamarine!

I am happy, that Julia and I were able to participate in the safe trick or treat at Endicott a few days earlier. The night was perfect and the kids didn’t need jackets. Julia had a great time trick or treating around the dorms with Callie (Tinkerbell) and Kylie (Minnie Mouse).

On Halloween, we trick or treated on John’s street in Danvers. It was the perfect neighborhood for it and Julia got tons of candy and goodies. She was even able to pass out candy to the other trick or treaters once we had come back in.

John and I went out for Halloween as well. I dressed up as, well, John. I wore his #35 jersey from his high school football days and rocked the eye black. John’s costume took a little more time and effort, but in the end, it was perfect. John was Milton Waddams, the guy from OfficeSpace whose red stapler got stolen by his boss and who got fired but through a computer glitch was still being paid. We went to the mall hours before going out and managed to find a plaid short sleeved shirt for 7 bucks and a black Swingline stapler which we painted red with nail polish. The finishing touches were my mom’s glasses from the early 90s, the Initech nametag, and the perfectly proportioned belly, artfully constructed using two white tees.

During our Halloween excursions, we came across Indigo Montoya, Towelie, the Human Centipede, Thing 1 and Thing 2, Pebbles and BamBam, Antoine Dodson, and so many more.

I’m Beyond Lucky

Isn't she precious?

I woke up this morning to a little person beside me, poking me in the arm, whispering “Moooommmmaaaa, Moooommmmmmaaaa.” I would wake up like this for the rest of my days if I could. Forget an alarm clock. Julia wakes up at 7:00 like clockwork. (Unless I say we’ll try and sleep until 8…then she wakes up at 7:30). She will then tiptoe into my room, quietly open and close the door, climb up in bed with me and snuggle for a few minutes before we have to begin our day. This few minutes is definitely my favorite time of the day.

We snuggle and pretend to go back to sleep. Then we talk about our dreams and what we are going to do for the day. Then we’ll stretch. Now that’s the fun part. We just sprawl across my bed, contorting ourselves until we are fully stretched and satisfied. Don’t forget about the moans and groans that go along with a good stretch! Then I have to pull each of her arms and legs to stretch them even further…that is one of the new rituals. After our stretch we are ready to go!

This morning was particularly nice because I have not been feeling 100% the last couple of days. I’m definitely coming down with a cold. So Julia pops up in bed, wakes me up, and tells me is 7:07. I then proceeded to cough up a lung. My ever-so-loving and amazing child then asked, “Mom! Are you okay? Let me take care of you” and she stroked my cheek and nuzzled my face. I am beyond lucky to have such an amazing child.

No matter what happens in my day, Julia is there to brighten it. If I’m sad, she’s there to comfort me. If I’m happy, she’s there to laugh with me. I could not ask for anything more than what I have right now. We take care of each other she says……Yes little one, yes we do.

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